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Huffington Post: Devastated then Detained – Will the US Incarcerate Haitians at Gitmo?

January 27, 2010

Bob Libal and Lauren Martin write on Huffington Post:

In the wake of devastation following this month’s earthquake in Haiti and the ongoing problems delivering aid to Port-au-Prince, the State Department has begun identifying assets to deal with a potential immigration influx to the United States. Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, better known for its questionably legal military operations, emerged as an early favorite for detaining people caught at sea.

Given what we know about the history of detention at Guantánamo and the GEO Group, the private prison corporation currently running the Migrant Operations Center (MOC) at Gitmo, however, these early media reports should give us pause. [Read the rest of the article and COMMENT here.]

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