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March 4 & 11: Two-part webinar addressing impacts of ICE ACCESS programs on local communities

February 12, 2010


A free two-part webinar addressing the impacts of ICE ACCESS programs on local communities

Please join us on:

Thursday March 4th from 1 pm EST to 2:30 pm EST


Thursday March 11th, from 1 pm EST to 2:30 pm EST.

The goals of these webinars are to refine our collective understanding of the rapidly expanding Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) ACCESS programs that involve state and local law enforcement in federal immigration enforcement; foster greater collaboration among national, local and community groups; and share effective strategies to respond to the threats these evolving programs pose to our communities.

The webinars are designed for local groups and community members from diverse fields – including immigration, labor, faith, and criminal justice – looking to learn more about and fight against ICE enforcement in their communities.

The first webinar will provide an overview of ICE enforcement through state and local law enforcement agencies, local jails, and the criminal justice system, focusing on 287(g) agreements, Secure Communities, and the Criminal Alien Program.  Presenters will explain how these programs work and the serious human rights and civil liberties concerns and violations raised by these and similar programs.

The second webinar will discuss what local communities are doing to combat the involvement of state and local police in federal immigration enforcement efforts. Through interactive case studies from different regions, presenters will share problems encountered by communities whose local law enforcement is partnering with ICE, strategies employed to fight these partnerships, challenges they have faced, and successes they have had in employing such strategies

To register go to:

DEADLINE for registration is Tuesday, March 2nd.

Registrants will be sent call-in information and accompanying materials on March 3rd.

**It is strongly recommended that participants attend both calls to get the most from the sessions.

Help us get out the word by sharing the event listing on Facebook:

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