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Invitation to join the DWN Visitation Network

February 16, 2010

Photo from the film "The Visitor"

The DWN Visitation Network is a community of faith-based and secular organizations, and everyday people that care deeply about the lives of those inside of detention facilities across the United States.

Detention visitors affirm the humanity of those suffering in the midst of a dehumanizing scenario, while also being the “eyes and ears” that educate the public, and hold local and governmental officials accountable to change.  Visitation Network members seek to support and learn from one another through an online forum, and bi-weekly conference calls.

To join the network, please contact Rev. David Fraccaro at, and for more information on how to begin your own visitation program, visit

The network’s next call will take place on Friday, February 19th at 1pm (EST).

The call-in number will be (as usual): 1-219-509-8020
Participant code: 519138

Our agenda will include:

-Brief Introductions (noting name, location, organization affiliation – if applicable, nearest detention facility, stage of visitation process, and what you would like to learn from others in the network)

-Exploring the many purposes of visitation (particularly now in the midst of promised detention reform, and in conjunction with the greater national debate on immigration reform.

-Questions from the detention visitation manual (how to get inside, how to recruit, how to sustain – we will explore specific issues in more depth in later calls)

-DWN National Visitation Network report to Phyllis Coven (what is the purpose, and what do we want it to look like?)

-Update on Participant Films release of copies of “The Visitor” for visitation network (how to receive one, and how to use it most effectively)

-Upcoming events, and next call info

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