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ACTION ALERT (no later than 7pm EST today): Call-In for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

February 17, 2010

via Alix Nguefack of AFSC:

Today on Ash Wednesday, over 85 people of faith are marching from Ellis Island to the Elizabeth Detention Center to reinforce the point that “Ellis Island is Closed!” and there is no line for many immigrants who want to come to the US to work and make a better life for their families.

You may not be able to walk with us, but please join us in calling for comprehensive immigration reform this year.

We have set up toll-free numbers for each of the congressman in the target districts in NJ.  If you live in the districts of one of these congressmen: Adler, Lance, LoBiondo, or Smith – please call between 8 am 2/16 and 8 pm 2/17. (You will hear a brief message before you are connected.)

Please forward this to your family and friends in these districts and ask them to call too.

  • Congressman Leonard Lance Congressional Distict 7 English: 866-940-2439  Spanish: 866-930-7894
  • Congressman Chris Smith Congressional Distict 4 English: 866-956-8590 Spanish: 866-957-2612
  • Congressman John Adler Congressional Distict 3 English: 866-877-5529 Spanish: 866-957-5045
  • Congressman Frank Lobiondo Congressional Distict 2 English: 866-563-5608 Spanish: 866-536-8629

Suggested 30-second script:

I am calling you today to renew the spirit of Ellis Island. So many people ask, why can’t immigrants today come to America the way my ancestors came? You can provide the answer by creating an immigration system symbolized by our Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We have gone from a system (during the Ellis Island period) where immigrants sought “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” were detained for less than a day and where hospital facilities were world class to one where immigrants with the same goals are now warehoused by the thousands in detention centers and where millions of others, including children, are forced to live in the shadows

Daniel Griswold of the CATO Institute – wrote: “Among its many virtues, America is a nation where laws are generally reasonable, respected and impartially enforced. A glaring exception is immigration.”

Therefore, we must create a system that provides a path to citizenship to 12 million people, many of whom are children seeking freedom, justice, and economic opportunity.  Immigrants, regardless of status, can help revitalize our economy if they are brought out of the shadows.

Small business is the driving engine of the American economy and immigrants, regardless of status, have, are, and always will be our greatest source of entrepreneurial spirit. A path to legalization for our 12 million brothers and sisters who live in the shadows will provide the spirit and energy essential to get our economy moving again.

I agree with Condolezza Rice who indicated that without a path to citizenship, “we are going to lose one of the strongest elements not only of our national wealth, but also of our national soul.”

I am asking you to join Senator Lindsey Graham who has underscored that we must have comprehensive policy based on America’s greatness and not based on bigotry.

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