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TRAC: Criminal Immigration Prosecutions Are Down, But Trends Differ by Offense

March 17, 2010

via Jeff Lamicela of TRAC:

The latest case-by-case data from the Justice Department show that the rate of criminal immigration prosecutions the government reported during the first three months of FY 2010 is down by 8.8 percent compared to quarterly figures for last year.  If the prosecution pace continues at this rate for the rest of FY 2010, the number of criminal prosecutions will reach only 83,722 as compared with 91,899 during FY 2009. Driving this decline is a sharp 24 percent drop off in criminal prosecutions for illegal entry (8 USC 1325), a crime for which those convicted are rarely sentenced to any significant time in prison.

Read the complete report.

In addition to the most recent figures on immigration prosecutions, TRAC continues to provide free reports on other current enforcement trends. Bulletins on Decmber 2009 convictions and prosecutions in the areas of drugs, white collar crime, official corruption and more. You can also find free reports on the enforcement activities selected government agencies such as the IRS, FBI, DHS and DEA.

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