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5/17 Teach-In Conference Call: “Uncover The Truth” & Challenge ICE-Police Partnerships

May 5, 2010

Please join us on:

Monday May 17th from 2:00 pm EST- 3:30 pm EST

Learn what local communities can do to challenge the staggering growth of police-ICE partnerships that led to the civil rights crisis in Arizona.

The teach-in is part of the national “Uncovering the Truth Behind Police and ICE Collaboration” campaign. The teach-in will empower local communities to gain information and generate a public discourse about programs that threaten to damage public safety, systemize racial profiling, and destroy communities. Currently, these programs are being implemented at breakneck speed with little public information or government oversight. ICE plans to implement Secure Communities in all jails by 2013.

The teach-in is designed for local groups and community members from diverse fields—including immigration, criminal justice, labor, faith, and domestic violence groups—interested in challenging the current or imminent threat of police-ICE partnerships in their community.

This teach-in will primarily guide participants through a toolkit developed by The National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, the National Immigration Law Center, and National Day Laborer Organizing Network that incorporates a number of valuable advice and resources to help communities gather information and uncover the truth. It will also provide an opportunity to hear from local coalitions producing reports to uncover the truth behind police and ICE collaborations and organizing to fight against them.

To register go to:

Registrants will be sent call-in information and accompanying materials on May 14th.

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