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Secure Communities Deployment Map Reveals Extent of Threat to Families

May 7, 2010

Click on image to see larger scale

via Ravi Ragbir, New Sanctuary Coalition NYC:

We created this map because we wanted to show the impact of “Secure Communities” on our families.

When it is fully deployed, more and more of our families are going to be broken up and destroyed. When President Obama promised change we did not expect that he would create a change for the worst.

Secure Communities” has been sold that it would capture criminal aliens, but that is not the whole truth. Everyone who interacts with the corrections department, even if it was a mere violation, are going to be subject to scrutiny. You will be placed in removal proceedings and deported. And when someone has already paid their debt to society are they are a ‘criminal’ ?
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  1. terry permalink
    June 1, 2010 5:56 pm

    How is it racist to get rid of people that are arrested! I do not want to live in a society of law breakers. Have you ever been to Europe? Everyone has to carry ID because they can ask you for it at any given time in any country. There is nothing racist about it. When you do not have a legitimate response you resort to the racist card! Look around you……………who is our president? Who is the most influential woman in the world……..Oprah.

  2. May 8, 2010 7:54 pm

    The existence of this program makes it even more clear that the recently enacted legislation in Arizona is simply pandering to the racist element in our society. If, as the proponents of the Arizona bill claim, their intention is to remove persons responsible for serious criminal offences from the community, then this program does all that and more and this is quite bad enough. Why does Arizona need yet another law unless it is simply to racially profile those of non-European origin?

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