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6/2 in NYC: 72-Hour Fast for Our Communities

May 23, 2010

via New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City:

Dear Sanctuary Friends,

As you know the last several weeks we have seen the crisis with our countries broken immigration system escalate.  Despite over 200,000 of us marching on Washington DC in March to demand action from politicians, the response has been a ‘blueprint’ for weak legislation from our Senator Schumer, and deafening silence from President Obama.

In the midst of this silence, Arizona passed a draconian bill that would criminalize all people of color.  When this law takes effect, not having immigration papers will be a crime.

An escalating attack on our communities requires an escalated response.

On June 2nd at 9:30 AM we are asking people of all faiths to join our partners at Make the Road New York in Judson Memorial Church as we fast together for 72 hours and demand action not words from our political leaders.

We will be fasting as one body as one community in one place to show that immigration is not just a latino issue, or even a people of color issue, this is an issue of social and economic justice that affects us all.

We are asking that you clear your schedule to reside in the Church (yes even overnight) until the morning of June 5th.

Throughout the 3 days we will hold actions and educational events to demand an end to the taring apart of our families and turn the church into a True Sanctuary.

If you are ready to fast or help with logisitics please email: angad(at)

While we have picked this week in part because our congressional representatives will be in New York on recess, we also know that immigration is not only a federal issue.

The Arizona law has laid to bare what we already knew: immigration is local issue and that collaboration between local authorities and ICE destroys our communities.

Last month representatives from the coalition met with former Manhattan DA Morgenthau and he responded with an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal last week endorsing our campaign to end the collaboration between ICE and the Dept. of Corrections at Rikers Island.

We will use our fast to continue to pressure our local officials to take a stand against the policies that tear our families apart with words actions and GET ICE OUT OF RIKERS.

We plan to meet with the Mayors office to urge him to do the right thing on the first week of June and we are looking to have a letter with over 100 Clergy signatures to show him the breadth of support on this issue. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A COPY OF THE CLERGY LETTER

To add your clergy’s name to the letter before June 1 please email: angad(at) If possible scan a copy of his or her signature so it can be pasted on the letter.

Our actions  as a coalition over the past 3 years have gotten us to a point where if Mayor Bloomberg stands up for our communities,  New York could send a message to the nation and the world that we will not tolerate law that tears our families apart.  Your actions in the 2 weeks joining a 3-day-fast and having clergy add their name to a letter could make the difference in pushing our City to live up to it claim as a City of Immigrants.

In Peace,


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