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Video: GRITtv talks to Mallika Dutt of Breakthrough about Narratives on Immigration and Race

June 12, 2010

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via Breakthrough:

Our President and CEO Mallika Dutt, appeared on GritTV, last week and spoke with Laura Flanders, GritTV host, on the current state of immigration.

She said that as immigration becomes a major issue once again, issues of race and citizenship get folded into one another, and the stories the media chooses to tell contribute to the confusion. She disapproves of the media for silencing a major side to the story — the side that looks at where human rights fits in. Dutt notes that they shape the policies government officials eventually make.

She goes on to say that it is easier to crack down on immigrants than on oil companies, as shown when representatives sent ICE to check up on workers cleaning up BP’s mess.

In lieu of governmental polarization interfering with urgent human rights issues, she insists that activists around these issues work together as civil disobedience rises throughout the nation.

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