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KEY CORRECTION: 6/16 AP article on Detention Reforms

June 25, 2010

via Andrea Black, Network Coordinator:

Dear DWN members,

I am writing to issue a correction to a recent AP article regarding proposed detention reforms, in which I was referenced as stating: “Most of the low-risk detainees who might get softened facilities shouldn’t be detained at all, especially when less expensive electronic monitoring is available, she said.”

This was an incorrect inference made by the reporter to a statement I made regarding alternative to detention programs. Earlier in our conversation I had explained what I meant by ATDs — community based programs with legal and social service support. However, when I made a later statement using the term “Alternatives to Detention”, the reporter filled in her own definition based on ICE’s current programs. I contacted the reporter to ask for a correction and made clear to that being quoted as referencing electronic monitoring as the main alternative program undermines our members’ current advocacy efforts with ICE.  While I was unsuccessful in securing a correction, I did have the opportunity to educate the reporter about this key policy distinction surrounding ATD programs.

DWN firmly advocates for community-based alternative to detention programs which offer legal and social service support to ensure that individuals appear for their court proceedings. As many of you know,  there is a major distinction between community-based programs and the punitive models which include electronic monitoring, curfews, etc that ICE is currently using. The Network has agreed that current ICE programs constitute an alternative form of detention which, could be used for people who are currently facing mandatory detention.

I look forward to continuing our work to make community-based alternative to detention programs a viable release option for individuals across the country.

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