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Audio from Britain: Meaning & Practice of Immigration Detention – Perspectives from Legal, Social & Political Theory

July 9, 2010

Below are podcasts from the workshop held May 21, 2010 at the University of Oxford in England, UK. The workshop focused on the theory and practice of Immigration Detention Centres in both the UK and the rest of the world. This series of lectures look at the legal and political frameworks as well as the social impact of Immigration Detention Centres and the ideas of Asylum in the eyes of the government, human rights groups and those referred to as ‘Asylum Seekers’.

Click on arrows below to listen to the sessions via your computer:

Rules of engagement: Governmentality, ‘technologies of citizenship’ and everyday protest in asylum detention facilities: Nicholas Gill

How do former immigration detainees integrate into local communities post-release?: Axel Kein & Lucy Williams
The law’s approach to detention of asylum seekers: help or hindrance?: Dallal Stevens

The Criminalisation of Asylum Seekers in a British Immigration Detention Centre: Melanie Griffiths

Medical Implications of Immigration Detention in the UK: Frank Arnold

Immigration Detention and the Aesthetics of Incarceration: Michael Flynn

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