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7/15 in DC: Turning the Tide on Immigration Enforcement

July 11, 2010

via Linda Meric, National Executive Director of 9 to 5:National Association of Working Women:

What women need are policies that do not place them as targets of unscrupulous employers, but that help them fight illegal labor practices like pay discrimination and help to close the pay gap (which disproportionately affects Latinas and other women of color) so they can support their children now and support themselves in retirement.

We don’t need laws that criminalize women and make them more vulnerable to harm, but laws that help make ALL women and their families successful and more able to live out the American dream. Join us in speaking out now — that’s why 9to5 has signed on to co-sponsor this important conference.

Turning the Tide on Immigration Enforcement
National Women and Children’s Advocacy Day
Washington, DC July 15, 2010

On July 15, women and children from around the country will gather in Washington to share their stories and shine a light on the real life impact of immigration enforcement policies on families. In particular, policies like Arizona’s SB1070, 287g agreements and the so-called “Secure Communities” programs threaten the future for the next generation. Join us as we say, “enough is enough.”


10:00 Press Conference
Announcing participating organizations and 3:00 pm hearing
Location: TBA
10:30 Legislative Visit Orientation
Reviewing goals and messages for the day
11:00 Legislative Visits
Targeting members of the Caucus on Women’s Issues and the Children’s Caucus, participants will share stories and concerns about the impact of SB1070, 287G and other immigration enforcement policies on women, children and families.
3:00 Hearing – Impact of Immigration Enforcement Policy on Children
Chair: Congressman Raul Grijalva
Location: Rayburn 2237
4:00 Closing

Co-sponsoring Organizations: Puente Movement Arizona, National Domestic Workers Alliance, National Day Laborer Organizing Network, AFL-CIO, Family Values at Work Consortium, 9to5, National Association of Working Women and many others.

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