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7/22-25 in Las Vegas: DWN at @Netroots_Nation

July 17, 2010

This summer, DWN members are drawn to the desert heat! In Las Vegas, DWN members are representing at Netroots Nation, the yearly gathering of American progressive bloggers and online activists. We’re discussing immigration enforcement and detention issues in the panel

Crimmigration Under Obama: Pushing Back Against the “Enforcement-Only” Immigration Regime

on Saturday, July 24th, 10:15 AM – 11:30 AM in Miranda 3-4. Listen in with Twitter (search for #NN10 and #StopICE). Also help us get out the word about our panel with the Facebook event listing. We also plan to raise concerns about immigration enforcement throughout the conference and we’re planning an action related to SB1070 in Arizona. 

  • Yahaira Carrillo, DREAM activist
  • Madhuri Mohindar, Breakthrough
  • Edmundo Rocha, Xicano Power/ The XP Report
  • Vince Warren, Center for Constitutional Rights
  • Moderator: Will Coley, Aquifer Media
Description: Immigration enforcement under the Obama administration has continued almost unchanged from the “enforcement-only” regime perfected by the Bush administration, applying criminal enforcement tactics to the civil immigration system. While Department of Homeland Security officials have promised to reform the immigration detention system after dozens of deaths in detention, the effort has been cosmetic and designed to forestall more rigorous oversight. Despite moving away from massive workplace raids, the agency has continued home and business raids under the radar, with the result that overall levels of deportation have actually increased under Obama. Meanwhile, legislative reform is stalled in Congress and the White House has not shown leadership. Join advocates and activists in a discussion of recent direct action pushing back against the Obama administration’s enforcement policy.
Here’s a complete list of all the immigration-related panels at Netroots Nation:

Thursday, July 22nd

Friday, July 23rd

Saturday, July 24th

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