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Video: #MockICE checkpoint at Netroots Nation conference in Las Vegas

July 24, 2010

via Sum of Change. Special props to to joshonthestreet1 for his video inspiration for the action: Immigration Check Point

Media Coverage/Sharing [list in development]:
  1. Carlos in DCFake ICE Checkpoint at Netroots Nation 2010: Only White People Asked for IDs and Some Progressives got Offended [VIDEOS] Organizers Respond
  2. Immigration Enforcement Targets Illegal European Invaders in Vegas
  3. Chicanisima: How can you tell if someone is “illegal?”
  4. Daily Caller: Papers, Please: Activists jokingly demand white bloggers show ID before getting lunch
  5. Daily Kos: ICE Checkpoint @ Netroots Nation…
  6. Firedoglake’s La Figa: “Where Are Your Papers!?” Latino Activists Stage “Raid” at Netroots
  7. Friends Committee on National Legislation: It’s Our Community: Immigration News
  8. Immigration Law Link: Making a Mockery of Arizona Immigration Law
  9. Joe.My.God.PAPERS PLEASE: Immigration Checkpoint At Netroots Nation
  10. L.A. Progressive: Turning the Tables at Netroots Nation: ICE Checkpoint Forces Participants to Think about Profiling
  11. Reform Immigration for America blog: Fake ICE checkpoint sparks debate
  12. Sum of ChangeICE Checkpoint @ Netroots Nation…
  13. Vivir LatinoICE checkpoints at Net Roots Nation
  14. Vivir Latino: More from the Netroots Nation 2010 Mock ICE Checkpoint : Considering Assault at the Fronteras
  15. VozMob: Teatro Popular
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