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DWN member Sunita Patel reports from the ground in Arizona: #altoarizona

July 29, 2010

via Sunita Patel of the Center for Constitutional Rights:

As most of you know, I’m in Arizona helping out with the anti-SB1070 events/actions. My main role has been back up legal support for the attorneys here representing organizers and community members engaging in civil disobedience (more on that later). It’s been a really amazing experience and I feel truly honored to provide the assistance to the efforts here.

The first action occurred yesterday at 5:00 pm. A group of 6-7 people took over a crane downtown and dropped a huge banner over Sheriff Arpiao’s office. It was so beautiful and amazing. Some photos are available here, I strongly encourage you to check them out. There was also coverage on many of the major networks:

There are several other actions planned today. Keep your fingers crossed and I’ll keep sending you updates when I get a chance. And some people have been wondering about the impact of the injunction yesterday and the organizing efforts here. Some of the key community groups still feel protest is important b/c of the history of Sherriff Arpaio and the fact that the injunction did not enjoin some key provisions, namely the one that authorizes arrests of solicitation for work (it’s targeted against day laborers). The struggle to end racist collaborations between ICE and law enforcement. The fight is not over! In Arizona, communities are saying that today is critical for history.  There is a statement on the first link above that provides more details.

[On Twitter: follow live-tweets from Arizona with #altoarizona and #sb1070]

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  1. allen permalink
    July 29, 2010 10:15 am

    Mexican is a nationality — Not a Race

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