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9/30 Deadline for Public Comment on ICE Detainer Policy: More info here

September 17, 2010

via Brittney Nystrom:

As you may know, ICE recently released a draft guidance policy for its agents on immigration detainers, open for public comment until September 30, 2010.  The draft policy is available on ICE’s website here (PDF).  ICE’s explanation of the public comment procedures is at the bottom of this webpage.

Detainers are a major component of immigration enforcement operations and a civil rights issue for thousands of immigrants across the country.

Pro-enforcement Congressmen have already weighed in with their opinion of ICE’s draft policy; it is essential that other voices are heard.  This public discourse on detainers is a positive step for ICE and DHS, and an opportunity to strengthen due process and civil rights protections for immigrants.

We would like to encourage ICE to follow-through on the enforcement priorities they’ve already laid out, and to encourage them to be more explicit about their opposition to racial profiling.  To foster public comment, we have prepared the attached materials Detainer Guidance Advisory Final (PDF):

  1. an explanation of what immigration detainers are, and what is under consideration in ICE’s draft guidance
  2. a copy of the original draft guidance, and
  3. a template for submitting comments.

ICE has requested that the public respond with comments to by Thursday, September 30, 2010. Also consider copying your Senators and Representatives in Congress on your submission.

Time to comment is tight.  September 30 is only a couple of weeks away.  Please consider sending your comments, concerns and recommendations to ICE.  Feel free to disseminate this information widely.

Thanks for your help,

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  1. Liliana permalink
    September 20, 2010 2:40 pm

    Esta muy bien que ya dejen de estar deportando las personas simplemente por manejar sin licencias.ya que los imigrantes no son los unicos que manejan sin licencia tambien lo hacen los americanos.Aquellos que tanto estan peleando por estados unidos,ellos que son lo mas que crimenes cometen,cuando si vamos a ver las personas que son inmigrantes solo vienen a hacer el trabajo del americano.Ya basta las deportaciones solo por manejar sin licencia.Seria algo muy bueno para los inmigrantes. ESTOY EN ACUERDO A QUE SE LLEVE ACABO ESA LEY..NO DEPORTAR POR NO TENER LICENCIA…..Soy puertorriquena pero estoy de acuerdo en que se debe ayudar a todos las personas

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