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Your Input Needed on Release Policy from ICE custody: Promoting Safe & Dignified Release Practices

September 27, 2010

via Megan Bremer of LIRS:

Image from the Urban Institute

Have you ever had a client who was released from ICE custody in an unsafe or undignified manner? Have you ever had a client that disappeared from ICE custody and later resurfaces with a harrowing tale of a late night release without money or ID in an unknown area with no way of contacting friends or family for help?

As advocates push for a preference for release, let us not forget that each release should be done in a way that promotes the individual’s safety and dignity. Please help NGOs advocate for safe release recommendations by providing examples of release programs that implement best practices with evidence-based positive outcomes!


  • Example of release programs that utilize best practices for pre-release planning and transitional services with positive outcomes from a variety of custodial contexts, including, but not limited to ex-offender re-entry programs, wrap-around services for youth adjudicated as delinquent, or transitional programs for people released from secure psychiatric treatment facilities. Examples of successful release programs in the context of immigration detention are also welcomed – if such examples exist.
  • Precedents for accommodations provided for special populations during the pre-release planning process.


Advocates are compiling a brief annotated bibliography of model programs as well as a list of stories of unsafe or undignified release. If you know of any model programs that already implement similar practices, especially ones that include accommodations for individuals with specialized needs, send the name of the program (and – if possible – a brief description, website, or links to reports on the program) to Megan Bremer (mbremer(at) who is compiling a list of relevant examples – (preferably by noon EST Tuesday September 28th or until October 5). If you have a story to share and have already obtained the individual’s consent to disclose his or her story, please contact Megan with details…Do you know someone who is familiar with release or re-entry programs in the criminal justice or juvenile justice contexts? Help us to solicit their input by forwarding this message and encouraging their input.


NGOs are compiling recommendations for safer release. Your inputs will be shared with ICE to show that the concept of release and re-entry or transitional programs is NOT a novel concept, but that such practices are already utilized in other contexts (with at least some success), and that the time for reform of release practices is NOW.

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