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Audio: Enhancing Safety, Protecting Rights & Restoring Trust in Response to Immigration Enforcement

December 3, 2010

Audio via plenary session at the California Immigrant Policy Center conference 12/1/10

[Click on arrow below to listen: The sound quality improves as the track plays.]

While comprehensive immigration reform remains uncertain, enforcement of federal immigration law is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. Through workplace and neighborhood raids, roadside checkpoints and stops, as well as the identification and detention of immigrants for deportation through agreements between local law enforcement and ICE, this surge in enforcement is having a decidedly negative impact on immigrant families and communities across California and the nation. In many place, police stop individuals for simply looking or sounding ‘foreign’. These detainees can be deported without a hearing or access to counsel. Not surprisingly, community trust in law enforcement is rapidly eroding.

There is another way. Throughout California and the nation, we are finding innovative solutions to protect immigrant communities. The lunchtime round-table provided a variety of perspectives on the urgent need to find effective policies for community policing that restore trust, protect civil righs and enhance public safety.

Featured panelists (in order of presentation):
1. Angelica Salas, CHIRLA (moderator)
2. Pablo Alvarado, NDLON
3. Suzanne Foster, Pomona Economic Opportunity Center
4. Angela Chan, Asian Law Caucus
5. Supervisor David Campos, City of San Francisco
6. Chief Arturo Venegas Jr., Sacramento Police Department (retired), Law Enforcement Engagement Initiative

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