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Audio via @RightsWorking: Immigration Detainers – What You Need to Know

December 15, 2010

via Rights Working Group: The media below is audio-only.

ICE is increasingly relying on local law enforcement agencies to provide them with information on who they have taken into custody, regardless of the reason for the stop, arrest, and outcome of the person’s case. With this information, ICE issue immigration detainers to hold people who are deportable and already in state or local jails. An immigration detainer is a formal request from ICE to the local law enforcement agency to hold on to the individual for 48 hours while ICE makes arrangement to take over custody and investigates whether or not to deport the individual. As this practice continues, alongside with counties having less say in whether they can opt-out of immigration enforcement programs like Secure Communities and 287(g), communities are rallying together to find alternatives to fighting against unjust policies.

Listen to RWG’s membership call to learn about detainers and how community groups in New Mexico pushed their local jails to stop honoring these ICE requests.



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