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Participants on Day 2 of DWN’s National Member Conference

April 1, 2011

Participants in the social media workshop created the following blog post about the DWN conference:

  • David Shapiro with the ACLU National Prison Project: “Coming to conference is a great opportunity to meet with others whose work intersects with what I do and learn more about how people are impacted by detention on the day-to-day basis.”
  • Henry Der with Four Freedom’s Fund, a funding collaborative supporting immigration rights work.  “Immigration enforcement has really escalated in an administration that has give numerous mixed signals as to what its intents and goals are in this area.  Their inability to control the bureaucracy has created a challenge for DWN, its members and allies, to push back against the impact of immigrant detention system.”
  • Megan Bremer with Lutheran Immigrant and Refugee Services said  “Convening of the folks who have been part of this movement from all across the country is really vibrant.  This is the one conference a year where people where many disciplines get together and share strategies.”
  • Deirdre Conlon, based in New York and Boston looking at organizations and strategies they use and challenges they face, said of the DWN conference.  “The  complexity that people are dealing with on so many different levels, and the need to respond to a highly simplified homogenous message is really difficult.  My response to that is that it’s not that simple.”
  • Bob Libal with Grassroots Leadership in Texas said,  “I’m really happy to have the conference in Texas for the first time.  We have 50 people from Texas here, where there is more detention than any other state, that I think will contribute to the organizing efforts on the ground to confront the detention system.”
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