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Audio from DWN Workshop: Defending the Parental Rights of Immigrants

April 13, 2011

Listen to consecutive tracks by clicking on the orange arrow below (or download tracks here):

Audio recording of workshop at the 2011 DWN Conference in Austin, TX: Defending the Parental Rights of Immigrants (45 minutes total)

  • Michelle LaPointe, Southern Poverty Law Center (6:39)
  • Nina Rabin, University of Arizona (11:37)
  • Marcia Zug, University of South Carolina (14:08)
  • Lindsay Marshall, Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project (9:48)

Immigrants are losing custody of their children, and facing termination of their parental rights, as the result of the complex intersection of the child welfare system and immigration enforcement, including local enforcement of immigration law and detention. Immigrant parents face a number of barriers to regaining custody of their children, including a lack of resources available in their native languages, state agency caseworkers’ unwillingness or inability to work with detained or deported parents, and entrenched anti-immigrant sentiment in state courts that in some cases has expressly linked parents’ undocumented status with parental unfitness. This workshop will bring together practitioners and a national academic expert to discuss challenges and share legal and organizing strategies for keeping families together in the face of myriad pressures from the child welfare and immigration enforcement systems.

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