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We Need Images of Your Local Immigration Detention Center for New Video

April 14, 2011

Were looking for photos like this (or better)

I’m working on a new “public service announcement”-type video for DWN and need your original photos, video footage and drawings of detention centers located around the country.

In particular, we need

  1. Exterior images of your local detention center. Just the building: no people within the frame * (i.e. Example 1, Example 2, Example 3). We don’t need interior shots.
  2. Images of the sign for your local detention center (i.e. Example) *
  3. The year when your local detention opened and other notable dates (i.e uprisings/riots, deaths, etc.).

Deadline: ASAP but before April 26, 2011

Send images to tech(at) (replace the ‘at’ with @)

Many thanks for your help! I’ll give you a credit in the video (if you want).

* It’s best if you created the images yourself or have rights to use them.

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