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Audio: The Criminalization of Immigration – Federal policies, state laws & local impact

May 19, 2011

Click on arrow below or download the audio files here to listen to audio from a workshop at the 2011 DWN conference in Austin, TX:

Detention and criminalization are central tools to our government’s immigration enforcement model. We will explore how detention is used as a coercive force from a person directly impacted by the immigration detention system. We will study how states and localities have been leveraging the federal immigration system in an effort to criminalize immigrants, from SB-1070 style laws to state and federal charges of identity fraud, to expand the scope of detention and criminalization and to achieve “attrition through enforcement.” We will learn about the only non-border Operation Streamline program-located right here in Austin-and how it is making a “criminal” of all non citizens with prior removal orders in Austin, and padding the federal government’s “criminal alien” statistics at the same time. And we will examine the Barrio Defense Committee model of protecting targeted communities in Arizona.

Click on the segments above to listen to different presentations.

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