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Great video: Former Detainee Reunited with His Family After 6 Years

May 25, 2011

via Suzannah Maclay:
Six years ago, Mr M crawled out of an underground prison where he had been tortured and left to die in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He escaped, but had to leave his pregnant wife and his children behind as he fled to the US for safety. After being detained in the Eloy Detention Center in Arizona, it him over four years to win political asylum in immigration court, and over a year more to secure visas for his wife and children to join him. While he was in the US, his family moved to Rwanda for safety, then to Kenya and finally had settled in Uganda. In March of 2011, the families visas became available for travel. 3 days later, they–including the four year old boy who Mr M had never met– were on a plane to Phoenix, AZ. This video begins at the Phoenix airport as we all waited for his family to (finally) arrive from Africa. Then, it records Rachel and Roy and the kids walking into a home furnished and provisioned by the great people in the video, members of a local church.

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