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Corazón de Tucson joins DWN

June 1, 2011

Corazón de Tucson joins DWN

The strength of DWN lies in its membership. DWN boasts over 96 religious, civil, immigrant and human rights organizations as well as many individual members. Our members bring a rich and diverse set of experiences and perspectives to the table, and our most recent member, de Tucson, is no exception.

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Corazón de Tucson (CT) is a group of community members and united families organizing to defend their civil and human rights. In its organizing efforts, CT aims to teach, to learn and to mobilize, hosting discussions on political education to better understand their rights and develop new leaders; organizing home-based gatherings with friends, neighbors and family members to discuss their rights and strengthen a “network of protection”; and putting together events ranging from Dia de Los Muertos to “Pachangas Por La Dignidad Humana” to foster community and mobilize their members. According to CT, “We have a vision of living in a more just world, free of all oppression and discrimination.”

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