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DWN Reportback from Turning the Tide National Summit ( #altopolimigra )

June 1, 2011

Turning the Tide In May, DWN played a major role in organizing the Turning the Tide Summit in Arlington, VA, which brought together over 400 organizers and advocates from across the country. The summit was the second one organized by the National Day Labor Organizing Network (NDLON) and the Inter-Alliance Dialogue to support local efforts against the expansion of enforcement programs and state level anti-immigrant legislation.

DWN helped bring the nationally renowned Deportation 101 training to Turning the Tide, educating a regionally diverse set of participants on the intersection of the criminal justice and deportation systems. DWN also organized Money Trail to Your Jail, a workshop focused on the private prison industry’s relationship to immigration detention, and facilitated a strategy session on how local organizations can fight back against detention in their communities. At the summit, DWN underscored the relationship between enforcement and detention, and many participants were eager to incorporate organizing against detention in their local work against S-Comm and other enforcement efforts.

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