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Article in City Paper addresses the indefinite detention of Cambodian refugees

June 2, 2011
Photo byTeru Hayashi

This article was published today, it details the last 8 months of detention leading up to the deportation of community members just last week. It discusses issues of mandatory detention, lack of individualized review and the treatment of people and their loved ones while in ICE custody. For more info go to:  One Love Movement, a local that organizes around the detention and deportation of Cambodian-Americans in Philly.


Is the government unconstitutionally — and indefinitely — jailing Cambodian refugees? A traumatized community demands answers.

By Holly Otterbein

Chally Dang has made a few mistakes in his life — but the biggest was being born at the wrong time.

Had he waited a couple of years, he would have been a citizen of the United States, and thus would have enjoyed all the rights and privileges therein. Instead, he came to this country as an 18-month-old baby, growing up and living as an American but not, technically speaking, an American — a distinction that makes his current situation possible.

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  1. June 2, 2011 1:12 pm

    Thank you Detention Watch Network for blogging this article. While we may not have been able to stop these families from being separated, we do not want this injustice to happen quietly. Chally wrote from prison just weeks ago,”Although the Movement has faced more upsets than it has favorable outcomes, it is only through disappointment that one can truly appreciate success. So when the tables do turn we can all honestly say – through the sweat and tears – that we did it.” Holding true to his words, we’ll all keep fighting here and in Cambodia. Please join our mailing list at, we would love to connect with others doing this work in other communities anywhere. One Love!

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