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Audio via @PacificaRadio: War on Immigrants Report “Georgia’s #HB87 Anti Immigrant law & the Fight Back”

July 8, 2011

To listen, click on the arrow below or download here.

On tonight’s show we will hear from two groups that took part in actions in Georgia and elsewhere around the country against HB87 and its supporters. We will also look ahead to further actions and efforts to stop not only HB87 and others like it, but also to expose the driving forces behind these laws.

HOSTED THIS MONTH  BY Donald Anthonyson  and Abraham Paulos of Families for Freedom

On July 1st 2011, Georgia implemented parts of HB87, a copycat version of Arizona’s SB1070. The response to this was that thousands stormed the Georgia Capitol on Saturday to protest the state’s new immigration law, which they say creates an unwelcome environment for people of color and those in search of a better life. This followed “A Day Without Immigrants” , where people refused to go to work or shop and businesses shut their doors. Unfortunately, Georgia is not the only state that has enacted or proposed similar bills. Many states have passed tough immigration legislation in the past year, but in recent weeks groups challenging those laws have won at least partial temporary blocks on legislation in Arizona, Utah, Indiana and now Georgia.
  • Azadeh Shahshahani is the Director of the National Security/Immigrants’ Rights Project at the ACLU of Georgia. The project is aimed at bringing Georgia and its localities into compliance with international human rights and constitutional standards in treatment of refugee and immigrant communities, including immigrant detainees. Azadeh is the editor of two human rights reports on 287(g) and racial profiling: “Terror and Isolation in Cobb: How Unchecked Police Power under 287(g) Has Torn Families Apart and Threatened Public Safety” and “The Persistence of Racial Profiling in Gwinnett: Time for Accountability, Transparency, and an End to 287(g).” Azadeh currently serves as Executive Vice President and International Committee Co-Chair for the National Lawyers Guild; Co-Chair of the American Bar Association Committee on the Rights of Immigrants (of the Individual Rights and Responsibilities Section); Chair of Georgia Detention Watch; and recently elected Chair of Refugee Women’s Network. Azadeh is also one of the Founders of Human Rights Atlanta and currently serves on its Coordinating Council.
  • Daniel Carrllio is a field organizer with ENLACE , a strategic alliance of low-wage worker centers, unions, and community organizations in Mexico and in the U.S.  He began organizing in his community against Prop 187 and attacks on immigrant communities.  Since then he has worked on community grassroots around immigration, education, health care, gender & sexuality, worker rights, prison abolition, and environmental racism. He is a mexica danzante, member of Cetiliztli Nauhcampa, and draws his passion from his family and community.  His work and accomplishments are dedicated to his cousins, Rogelio Jr. and Pierre Barrera: rest in peace knowing that we in struggle to create a world where the injustices you suffered will not happen again.
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