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Jericho Walk demanding “Right to Remain” for immigrant communities completes 7 weeks of silent march and prayer

August 2, 2011

The Jericho Walk [Slideshow] from Brett Essler on Vimeo.

Every Friday, from June 17 – July 29th, members of the New Sanctuary Movement, along with faith leaders, immigrants and community activists marched and prayed in silence around the Immigration office at 26 Federal Plaza in Manhattan to show solidarity with their “immigrant brothers and sisters who are being denied the Right to Remain by our unjust and immoral immigration system.” The march marked the one year anniversary of Arizona’s anti-immigrant law, SB1070, and demanded a new immigration system that:

  • gives immigrant communities the RIGHT TO REMAIN with their families, with their communities, in their schools, and in their places of worship
  • puts an end to the detentions and deportations that shatter immigrant lives and families
  • protects the rights of workers, immigrant and non-immigrant alike
  • enshrines the shared values of our faith communities and our nation at large: the values of justice, compassion, kindness and generosity

See the video above for a slide show from the inspiring 7 week-long march of solidarity, and click here for more news coverage.

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