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New Report: Restore Community, End #SComm

August 16, 2011

DWN staff and member groups recently participated in a report commission* made up of national and community-based organizations that have witnessed the impacts of S-Comm on their communities.The commission just released an authoritative report on the massive deportation program, Secure Communities.

You can download it at and endorse it here.

Across the country today, groups are releasing the report in their communities and delivering it to local officials. Unlike the current DHS appointed taskforce that was convened to water down the wildfire of opposition, the report compiles testimony from experts, law enforcement, and the voices of the people victimized by S-Comm themselves. After reading it, one can draw only one conclusion.  It’s time to end S-Comm.

The report contains stories like Susana’s from Illinois who was placed into deportation proceedings under the pretext that her car ‘touch[ed] the yellow line’ on the road. Now she waits for her court hearing which may separate her from her 5 year old daughter. She writes,

“[My daughter] cried while I was gone, she cried because she knew I was with the police, she knew I was in jail and that there was nothing she could do. My only wish is to remain with my daughter in our home and to keep working so that I can provide a great life for her.”

Major newspapers, governors, local elected officials, and communities across the country are all demanding an end to the in-Secure Communities program.  It’s time to Restore Communities and end S-Comm.

Please download the report, read the web-only content, and add your organization as an endorser.

* The report commission consists of:

The recommendations in this report represent the views of the commission members, and do not necessarily represent the views of all contributors featured in this report.

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