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DWN member Brittney Nystrom Resigns from #SComm Task Force

September 19, 2011

After convening a series of regional meetings on the contraversial “Secure Communities” program, a task force set up to advise ICE released it’s report (PDF) last week. Immediately afterwards, several members resigned from the task force, including Brittney Nystrom of the National Immigration Forum. See her resignation letter below and attached PDF.

September 15, 2011

John Morton
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
US Department of Homeland Security

Dear Director Morton,

This letter arises from my participation as a member of the Task Force on secure Communities that you first announced in June of this year.

Based on testimoney that I hear as a representative on the Task Force, my personal experience with Secure Communites, and research conducted about this program and its consequence, I believe bold action is need to resolve ths shortcomings of the Secure Communities program.

The Task Force prepared a report including findings and recommendations regarding the operation of the Secure Communities program. While this report contains solid recommendations, in key areas, the Task Force’s report falls short of addressing fundamental flaws in Secure Communities’ operation. Because of the these shortcomings, I was unable to ultimately endorse the report.

I welcome the opportunity to further discuss with you the necessary repairs to the Secure Communities program.


Brittney Nystrom
Director of Policy and Legal Affairs
National Immigration Forum

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