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Voices from Inside Detention

October 28, 2011

Written by Molly Lauterback, Immigrants’ Rights Project, Via ACLU Blog of Rights

We may be immigrants but we are still human beings. This is an experience I don’t want anyone to go [through].”

This is just one excerpt from the hundreds of letters we receive at the Immigrants’ Rights Project. Immigration detainees across the country have sent us their stories for years. We have letters from individuals who first wrote us in 2007 and again, three years later, still sitting behind bars while their immigration cases slowly move through the system.

The thousands of people who languish in detention on any given day deserve to have their voices heard. The Immigrants’ Rights Project began this story collection project to give these individuals a space to share their experiences and an opportunity to speak out about their lives in detention.

Click here to read through some of them. We will be adding more to our website periodically.

Learn more about immigration detention: Sign up for breaking news alerts from the ACLU, follow ACLU on Twitter, and like ACLU on Facebook.

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