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via @FLImmigrant: Florida Residents Say @CorrectionsCorp Go Away!

November 29, 2011

via Kathy Bird, Florida Immigrant Coalition

Photo from Florida Independent

In June of this year, ICE announced that it had chosen a location for a new privately-run immigration detention center.  It would be built and run by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) in the middle of an affluent suburb in South Florida named Southwest Ranches.  A recent article by the AP revealed that although residents were just finding out about the project, it had been in the works since 2007.  Like many proposed private prisons, CCA and Southwest Ranches, as well as federal legislators, had purposely kept the community in the dark.

The Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) has been working together with residents, local activists, environmentalists and community leaders to educate about the profit motives that fuel the expansion of immigrantion detention, as well as anti-immigrant laws like AZ’s SB1070.  This is part of a national expansion of immigration detention and only 1 of 6 additional facilities in the works around the country.  In this time of economic uncertainty, how can taxpayers foot the bill of $89 milllion a year to run this massive detention facility with 1500-2200 beds?

Because of all the pressure placed by residents and immigrant advocates, ICE, CCA, and Southwest Ranches announced a public hearing would be held on November 5th.  On that day, over 400 angry residents came to voice their opposition.

To make sure no stone goes unturned, FLIC is also working with allies to uncover possible environmental issues with this development, and the organizing continues.

For more information about the campaign to stop the private detention center in Southwest Ranches, visit FLIC’s blog CCA Go Away.
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