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New @ImmPolitic Paper: Community & Courtroom Responses to Immigration Detainers

January 6, 2012

via Brittney Nystrom, Director of Policy and Legal Affairs, National Immigration Forum

Community and Courtroom Responses to Immigration Detainers [PDF]

On the same day that the Council  of the District of Columbia is holding a hearing about a proposed bill to limit cooperation between ICE and the D.C. government on immigration detainers, the National Immigration Forum is releasing a paper documenting litigious and legislative efforts to combat the far reaching damage detainers can cause.  This new report summarizes many of the chronic problems stemming from ICE detainers, at both the local and national level, and the responses ranging from lawsuits to municipal and county ordinances.

Late last month, ICE issued a new detainer form.  Although we hope existing abuse and confusion around detainers will be addressed through the new form, the outcome remains to be seen.  In the meantime, individuals have responded to misuse of immigration detainers by filing lawsuits in over a dozen states with many resulting in settlements.  Communities have responded by passing ordinances limiting cooperation with ICE on these requests, including a proposed bill in Washington, DC to limit cooperation with ICE detainers that was the subject of a City Council hearing today.

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