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Audio via @WBAI_Radio War on Immigrants Report: Caution over Deferred Action for Dreamers

June 23, 2012

War on Immigrants Report,  a segment of Global Movement, Urban Struggles on Pacifica Radio:  June 21, 2012

Listen by clicking on the black arrow below (or downloading here)

HOSTED THIS MONTH BY: Abrahm Paulos and Donald Anthonyson of Families for Freedom and Adem Carroll.

This month’s show will be focusing on the recent DHS announcement regarding deferred action for ‘Dreamers’ and we will also looking at the Pew Research Center’s report “The Rise of Asian Americans”

Our guests will include Yajaira Saavedra from Dream Scholars, Anayely Gomez from the New York State Leadership Council (NSYLC), Khin Mai Aung, of the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) and John Choe, the Director of One Flushing Community Economic Development Center.

The Obama Administration’s announcement last Friday, apparently giving a reprieve to around a million undocumented young people, has generated quite diverse responses, ranging from froth foaming threats to sue on one end, to pats on the back for the administration. But the ones who are directly affected have been rather cautious if not skeptical in their responses. And who can blame them, given the disappointments from previous hopes and expectations?

It is almost in the same vein that the report “ The Rise of the Asian American” is being responded to. While it has been generally welcomed, questions are being asked of about the accuracy of its conclusions. And a healthy dose of skepticism should make one wonder at the timing of it’s release.

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