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Five reasons to support DWN’s $5K Challenge for Dignity not Detention

October 25, 2012

Why support the Dignity not Detention Campaign

to end mandatory detention?

Because mandatory detention is. . .

1. Family separation: Mandatory detention is a cruel, unjust and unnecessary punishment that takes its toll on over 200,000 immigrants and their families each year.

2. No due process: People in mandatory detention are deprived of their liberty while waiting for the government to decide whether or not it can deport them, often without having the opportunity for a judge to consider release on bond.

3. Mass incarceration of immigrants: Mandatory detention affects a wide range of immigrants, including recent arrivals, asylum seekers and legal permanent residents. Over 60% of people in immigration detention are behind bars because of mandatory detention.

4. Prisons for profits: Mandatory detention is required for whole categories of non-citizens leading to the need for more prisons that are largely benefiting private prison companies with horrendous human rights records.

5. Contrary to international human rights norms: Mandatory detention violates international human rights standards that ensure protection against arbitrary detention.

Act now and your gift will be matched $1 for $1 up to $2000
by the Unitarian Universalist Funding Program.  
Please help us take advantage
of this generous offer and help us reach our $5K fundraising goal by October 31st.

Donate Now

 No amount is too small!


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