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via @ImmPolitic: 2 New Reports on US Border Patrol re: Resources & Misconduct

November 27, 2012

The “Border Bubble”: A Look at Spending on U.S. Borders [PDF]

Despite a sharp decline in the number of persons attempting to cross the border illegally in the last several years, the government continues to increase resources deployed to the border. This paper briefly discusses the technology, infrastructure, and personnel deployed on the border. It also raises cost concerns about some of the technology and programs that have been tried, often unsuccessfully.

Misbehavior at the Border: Are Those Who Control Immigration Out of Control Themselves? [PDF]

This paper looks at corruption and misconduct documented within the Border Patrol and its parent agency, Customs and Border Protection. With rapid growth, high turnover and a high new agent to experienced agent ration, there are questions about the adequacy of training and supervision. Another problem stems from the fact that the Inspector General’s office, which investigates many complaints against CBP agents, has not been properly resourced to keep pace with its workload.

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