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Our Network’s Year in Social Media: Engaging More People to Challenge Detention

December 31, 2012

social_media_week_enterprisMany thanks to everyone who helped us get out the word in 2012 about challenging the injustices of immigration detention. We’re grateful for all of you who either created or shared DWN’s social media content.

For the sake of transparency (and to further encourage your participation in DWN’s outreach), we’re listing below DWN’s social media statistics to reveal the impact of our collective outreach online.

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 9.24.07 AMGMT+01.00

Conclusion: For the blog, send DWN more of your detention-related content (i.e. original works of written opinion or experiences, photos, video links and/or audio links, NOT content created by broadcast media).

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 9.24.18 AMGMT+01.00

Conclusion: If all of DWN’s fans on Facebook re-shared our posts, we’d reach over 1.7 million people. Therefore we ALL need to re-share DWN’s Facebook posts.

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 9.24.26 AMGMT+01.00

Conclusion@DetentionWatch needs to tweet even more. Help us share links to broadcast media on detention by using the #StopICE hashtag and retweet content from the DWN blog.

Also follow DWN on Youtube, SoundCloud, Google Plus & LinkedIn.

DWN’s Klout score reveals that DWN has a greater influence on its social networks than other immigration-related organizations with more fans/followers. Conclusion: it’s not just the number of fans/followers that’s important but how we engage them. So help us engage more people in 2013 to challenge immigration detention!

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