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New Art via @JustSeeds: “Deporting & Detaining Parents Shatters Families” by Meredith Stern

February 2, 2013

555448_10151422823022110_2083230617_nArtist Meredith Stern works with garden soil, linoleum, clay, and drums. She currently lives in Providence, RI with her partner Peter Glantz and their two cats. Much of her work focuses on representations of women, reproductive rights issues, and struggles for liberation.

Stern’s print is a collaboration with Colorlines, a magazine focusing on issues related to race, culture, and organizing. One of the issues the magazine has been investigating is how families are shattered when parents are deported. The magazine asserts that rather than being defined and divided by racism, citizens can become uplifted and united through racial justice. To do so, they say, it’s necessary to confront the racism at the core of our society. This perspective informs Colorlines’ award-winning investigative reporting and news analysis, and it drives Stern’s focus on naming problems and finding solutions.

Click to download a hi-resolution PDF.

Visit the artist’s website here. Check out more immigration-related work at MIGRATION NOW!, a new limited-edition portfolio of handmade prints addressing migrant issues from Justseeds and CultureStrike

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  1. Samantha permalink
    July 25, 2016 11:17 pm

    Hi 🙂 I am a school teacher interested in using this artists print as part of a unit in my class, but the link to the high resolution pdf isn’t working. Any chance the pdf for this image is still available?

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