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Listen: Raúl Alcaráz Ochoa talks about being arrested by the Border Patrol

March 4, 2013

Raúl Alcaráz Ochoa, Tucson day labor organizer and DWN member, was detained by Border Patrol as he tried to stop the separation of yet another family. Raul and Rene Meza Huertha, a father of five, were both taken into custody.

On February 17th, the Tucson Police Department (TPD) pulled over Meza Huertha, along with his expectant wife and six children.  TPD, in direct contradiction of previous statements promising to be more “immigrant welcoming,” called Border Patrol to take Mr. Huertha into custody. Mr. Alcaráz Ochoa, a long time advocate against massive deportations in our community and country, placed himself underneath the vehicle in which Mr. Huertha was detained.  At the time of his detainment, there were at least six Border Patrol Agents and four TPD officers on the scene.  Border Patrol officials proceeded to repeatedly pepper spray Mr. Alcaráz Ochoa, who suffers from asthma, before dragging him out, handcuffing him, and taking him into custody. Corazón de Tucson and the Southside Worker Center organized a protest outside the Tucson Police Department.

Read more here: Why I Crawled Underneath a Border Patrol Vehicle to Prevent an Immigrant Father’s Detention

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