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5/22-26 in #NYC: “Opening the Doors to Hope” Caravan with @NewSanctuaryNYC

May 20, 2013
Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 3.40.17 PMPDTOpening the doors to Hope” Caravan, is a faith based partnership of Mexican and US based immigrant rights organizations, led by Fr. Alejandro Solalinde.

CONTACT:Ravi Ragbir (English) 917.566.4816 Rev. Fabian Arias 646.244.5404 (Spanish) or Juan Carlos Ruiz (English/Spanish) 347.369.1959

Local leaders, Immigration Organizations and International Faith Leaders meet to discuss the 22,000 kidnapping and 70,000 disappearances that have occurred on the US/Mexican Border
The New Sanctuary Movement NY cordially invites you to join us in supporting the Caravan led by Fr. Solalinde, clergy and family members of kidnapped and disappeared immigrants. Photographic exhibition, food and a fundraiser show by “Jarana Beat”(May 22nd.) and Chicha Libre (May 25th.) Will follow the presentations. “Our hope lies in appealing to our common humanity by opening the doors to hope and walking together to make the difference.”

On Thursday May 23,2013 at Federal Plaza, Fr. Solalinde, director of the “Brotherhood of the Road” shelter in Oaxaca, Mexico will be speaking about the humanitarian crisis happening along the most dangerous migration paths in the world.  The route where 22,000 immigrants have been kidnapped and 70,000 have disappeared in their attempt to reach the US-Mexico border. He will be addressing the failure of the Obama administration in stopping US military weapons in reaching Mexican drug cartels, responsible for human trafficking and kidnappings. Relatives of disappeared Central American immigrants will share their testimonies.

The Caravan will be arriving to NYC after traveling for 20 days across the country and meeting with immigrant rights organizations, publics officials and representatives of local governments across the country in an effort to demand the passage of a humane and comprehensive immigration reform.

WHO:     The New Sanctuary Movement and the Caravan “Opening Doors to Hope.”

WHAT:    Press Conference

WHEN:     Thursday, May 23rd. 11:00am to 12:30pm

WHERE:    Federal Plaza

Our goal is to educate the public about how the effects of US Immigration policies trascends borders and creates a humanitarian crisis that feeds immigrants to drug cartels for human trafficking and profit. The dangerous working conditions that human rights defenders, such as Fr. Solalinde, faces in order to provide assistance and rescue immigrants from drug cartels armed with US military weapons. For more information visit us on
FaceBook: “Opening the doors to Hope” Caravan. and

The New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City is an interfaith network of congregations, organizations, and individuals, standing publicly in solidarity with families and communities resisting detention and deportation in order to stay together. We recognize that unjust global and systemic economic relationships and racism form the basis of the injustices that affect immigrants. We seek reform of United States immigration laws to promote fairness, social and economic justice.

(La información es Español sigue después de la de Inglés).

Schedule of Events:

We are calling on all our allies to join us on a fast beginning on Sunday May 19th to Wednesday May 22nd. to solidarity with our brothers and sisters on the caravan who will be lobbying in Washington on Monday May 21th and Tuesday May 21st On Wednesday May 22nd we will break the fast as we welcome the Caravan in NYC.

Wednesday:  May 22, 2013

–there is an exhibit from May 21st. to the 26th. of May at the Church.

7:00pm            Mass/breaking of the fast
Concert: Jarana Beat and Food

Where: Gustavus A. Lutheran Church, 155 E 22nd  St. NY, NY 10010

Thursday:  May 23, 2013

9:00am            Breakfast            Where: Church of St. Ann and Holy Trinity,  157 Montague St. Brooklyn, NY 11201

10:00am            Walking on the Brooklyn Bridge to Federal Plaza

11:00am            Press Conference

11:30am            Jericho Walk

12:30pm            Walking to the Park

1:00pm             Zuccotti Park/Lunch

2:00pm             Towers

4:30pm             Departure to Sion Lutheran / Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church
619 Lexington Ave, NY NY 10022(cor. 54th St.)

5:00pm        Caravana and Caucus of LA Consulates: commitment and   presentation of demands   (Sion/St Peter’s Lutheran Church)

7:00pm            Forum: update and forging a new narrative of migration
(Sion/St Peter’s Lutheran Church)

9:00pm            Departure to hosts’ sites

***Lunch bags need to be provided

Friday:  May 24, 2013

9:00 am            Breakfast (each host site).

11:00am            Departure to Detention Centers (NJ)

12:00pm            Arrival in NJ

Saturday:  May 25, 2013

Getting to know your neighbor/building a transnational platform-globalizing hope.

6:00pm            Sion Church (breaking bread, reflection)

Food: provided by the St. Jacobi’s Church

7:00pm            Concert: Chicha Libre and others

Sion/Saint Peter Lutheran Church

Sunday:  May 26, 2013

1:30pm            Mass for the dignity of all people
Sion/ Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church

2:30pm            Cultural event

5:00                 Closing ceremony/Evaluation

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