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Representing 1 of 34,000 Immigrants Held in U.S. Detention Facilities on Any Given Day #voicesfromdetention

July 1, 2013

Voices from Detention brings forward the voices of those most impacted by the unjust immigration detention system via audio phone recordings from people inside immigration detention centers across the country.

  • Listen to the first Voices from Detention audio-recording with Elder, a father of two who has been detained at the Eloy Detention Center in Arizona for over 6 months
  • Join the movement to put an end to the inhumane system of detention in the U.S.
Elder represents one of the 34,000 immigrants held in an immigrant jail on any given day in the U.S.
Every year, Congress inserts language into the budget appropriations bill that requires ICE to keep a minimum of 34,000 detention beds filled with immigrants. Congress dictates that ICE must keep these beds filled regardless of the agency’s actual need to detain people.
Most immigrants in detention are incarcerated in appalling conditions, far from family or legal help, with no knowledge of when or if they will be released. This Congressional mandate exacerbates the inhumanity of detention.

Even if immigration reform legislation passes, the Congressional bed mandate will still be in place, requiring ICE to continue to detain 34,000 immigrants every day. True immigration reform should eliminate this arbitrary bed quota.

For more information and to get involved, please contact Catalina Nieto, DWN Field Director at
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  1. James Quinn permalink
    July 1, 2013 11:00 pm

    Representing one of millions of immigrants who are not held subject to the immigration laws currently in place:

    My ex came in on student visa yet never went to school and worked illegally for three years (student visa fraud). Got green card by not mentioning her first arrest for theft (material misrepresentation). Failed to mention it again when conditions were removed (again material mis-representation. Has acquired four additional theft convictions (crimes of moral turpitude). Denied citizenship 2 years ago but continues to reside in US and break our laws. Unfortunately I found this all out after the fact. It’s ICE that needs reform not the immigration laws.

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