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Infographic: The Whole Truth about Immigration Detention

July 16, 2013

It’s an ugly truth:

The immigration system in our country holds tens of thousands of people behind bars every day, languishing for weeks, months and years as they wait for their cases to be resolved.

 Click on each image for larger version.


Who benefits?

In part, the private prison industry – which pockets millions of taxpayer dollars every year because of quotas that force our immigration agency (ICE) to keep detainees locked away
from their families, even though community-based programs are effective and far cheaper than imprisonment.

Click on each image for larger version.


Click on image for larger version.


Click on image for larger version.


Help us spread the truth!

share arrowThe infographic above makes it easier to understand the problem. Spread  the word (using the share buttons below)! Until people begin to understand how unnecessary, unjust and expensive detention quotas are, we won’t be able to change them.

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