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Watch via @TheNIYA: Dreamers Infiltrate Texas Immigration Detention Center

December 11, 2013

via the National Immigrant Youth Alliance:

On November 21st, Santiago Garcia, A#200-203-126, presented himself to ICE officers, with the purpose of being detained and sent to the El Paso Detention Center.

It had come to the National Immigrant Youth Alliance’s attention that a great number of immigrants were being held within this facility, despite clearly being eligible for parole.

Two weeks since Santiago’s infiltration, the stories of men and women, detained confirm our suspicions. Within the El Paso Detention Center we have uncovered a pattern and practice of abuses; hundreds of immigrants are refused parole by ICE officers, despite meeting all of the criteria set for their release. Many of these immigrants are then deported, after months of incarceration.

These stories range from a Nigerian woman who suffered a miscarriage, inside, to that of families, a mother, father and kids, all detained inside. All of them with one thing in common, they’ve established fear of their home countries and been told by Asylum officers they’ll be allowed to fight their cases. Only problem is ICE won’t release them.

Over 12,000 people have already signed a petition calling for a review of the entire facility; we ask that you add your name too:

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