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DWN Members Slam ICE Plans to Open New #FamilyDetention Facility in Dilley, TX #theyarechildren

September 24, 2014

(see DWN and member statements below)

children need freedom

Grassroots Leadership action against family detention at T. Don Hutto Detention Center 

Advocates denounce yesterday’s announcement from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as the Obama Administration plans to continue expanding family detention with the opening of what will be the nation’s largest immigrant detention facility in Dilley, Texas.  Member organizations issued the following statements (List in formation: Check back for updates):

Statement from Silky Shah, co-director of the Detention Watch Network, on the announcement that ICE plans to open a new facility to detain immigrant families and children in Dilley, Texas:

News that the White House plans to double-down on their failed, inhumane, and alarmingly punitive response to refugee families arriving at the border by opening a new facility to incarcerate immigrant families and children in Dilley, Texas is deeply disappointing. Additionally troubling is the fact that ICE will contract with the notorious Corrections Corporation of America, a company known for its human rights violations at countless facilities, including the T. Don Hutto Detention Center, which stopped holding families after reports of the appalling treatment and conditions for children in custody.


It is long past time that the Obama Administration abandon the abusive, and inhumane practice of family detention that erodes family bonds, and undermines children’s wellbeing.  That starts with closing Artesia, and cancelling plans for their new 2400-bed facility in Dilley. 

Earlier this week, the Detention Watch Network released a report that documented the skyrocketing use of family detention in the United States and outlined the specific conditions on-the-ground at the Artesia Family Detention Facility in New Mexico.


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