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Listen via @CMSNewYork: Reform of the US Immigrant Detention System

September 18, 2015

Panel on Family Detention, Privatization, and Lessons from the Criminal Justice and National Security Debates: September 17, 2015

While the dramatic expansion of privately-run, family detention facilities has been the focus of the recent debate on the US immigrant detention system, there has been a far longer debate on the system’s overall viability. Most recently, a report by the Center for Migration Studies and Migration and Refugee Services of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops argued that the current system should be dismantled and entirely re-conceived.

This panel of diverse experts discussed the future of the US immigrant detention system, ideas for and barriers to reform, the system’s growing privatization, the experience of family detention in Texas, and cross-cutting issues and lessons from the criminal justice and national security field.

Donald Kerwin
Executive Director, Center for Migration Studies

Susan L. Burke
Attorney at Law, Burke PLLC

Mark Dow
Author, American Gulag: Inside U.S. Immigration Prisons

Judith Green
Justice Policy Analyst and Director, Justice Strategies

Michelle Mendez
Training and Legal Support Staff Attorney,
Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC)

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