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Art Campaign

We called on you artists out there to challenge immigration enforcement and detention by creating an image. And you delivered!

Below are some of the images that we’ll use as part of our online campaign DIGNITY NOT DETENTION (much like the excellent images created for the AltoArizona campaign).

Jeff Zavala

Remeike Forbes

Natasha Mayers

Maria V. Moreno

Image from Sheila Spinkel

Sheila Spinkel

We’re still looking for more images: Send us your art!


  • Create an image that shows your support for our demands (below).
  • Make sure to include the title of the campaign in the work: “Dignity not Detention”
  • Send all submissions and questions to tech(at)
  • Deadline: We’re happy to accept art throughout the month.


  • Image size must be 18×24 inches with a 1/2 inch border all the way around. We’d like these dimensions in case we want to publish the image in the future (with attribution of course).

Our Campaign Demands:

  1. Put an end to human rights abuses in the immigration detention and deportation systems.
  2. Halt wasteful government spending on detention growth.
  3. Prevent the arbitrary detention of more than 300,000 people year and start using cost-saving alternatives.
  4. Restore due process to immigration laws and guarantee that every person has the right to a fair day in court.
  5. End expansion of local enforcement programs that are contributing to the growth of the detention system.

We look forward to sharing your work on this blog and throughout our campaign!

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